Pain Management

Over the last few years, procedures and treatment in pain management have significantly evolved. Somerset Ambulatory Surgical Center continues to be at the forefront of medical advances for countless successful outcomes. Areas of treatment include:

  • Low back and leg pain (lumbago and sciatica) due to the herniated disc or spinal stenosis
  • Neck and arm pain
  • Muscle (myofascial) pain
  • Neuralgia or pain following a nerve injury
  • Pain resulting from shingles, amputation, spinal cord injury or cancer
  • Pain due to poor blood circulation
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) or causalgia - a condition that includes pain (often "burning"), tenderness, and swelling of an extremity with varying degrees of sweating, warmth and/or coolness, flushing, discoloration, and shiny skin
  • Body wall (cavity) pain
  • Surgical incision pain

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